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March Madness Baby!!!




It is the most amazing time of the year again, March Madness. Ever since I can remember, my dad, brother, and I all filled in our own bracket and bet the winner a pint of custard from Sycamore’s. The women’s bracket was bet on a drink from Happy Burger. Sycamore is a family owned, frozen custard stand in my hometown of Logansport, Indiana. Happy Burger is another family owned local restaurant in Logansport. The best part about this time of year is that everyone is focused on the 104 teams (52 each gender) competing for the crown of National Champion.

The sound of a single ball bouncing,as the lights come on, in the gym, on a Saturday morning used to be my favorite sound. The smell of fresh leather basketballs and the squeak of new shoes is what Winter has meant to me since I was in third grade. Now, since I am older and unable to play anymore, I favor the sound of a good announcer and the crowd. Anyways, I have gotten off topic again.

The point of this post is to talk about the brackets and how the technology has evolved in tracking it.

ESPN and Yahoo were the first big successful bracket options when the brackets came to the Internet. Before that we used newspapers and magazine pull-outs to record our answers on. When my husband and I were first dating he joined in the fun and we had to fill in his brackets over the phone because of the distance issue. But now the Internet has helped us have our family tournaments from afar.Now with twitter, ESPN’s ticker may not be the most up-to-date way of following a game without actually watching it. Each step forward we take in technology has helped us communicate with one another more easily, but has also allowed us to remain in our own reclusive homes as well.

If I could, I would spend the entire tournament time going from city to city watching the best games and updating all my family and followers. Technology is a wonderful gift and we should all use it to our advantage, reporting scores and fouls as they happen!




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  1. In act of unintended irony, I just cut down the basketball pole that was planted in a very bad spot off our driveway. In fact, its sole purpose seems to have been to make 3-point turns out of the garage especially challenging. The final straw was the moment it jumped out of the dark and sheared off my wife’s passenger-side mirror as she was trying to back out. Bad move, Mr. Basketball pole. You die now. So I got out my angle grinder and chopped him off at the base. Two problematic outcomes, though. One is practical: how do you get 200 pounds of worthless steel tubing out of your yard? The other is Karmic: just a couple days later, my car got hopeless stuck on the mud on the very spot where Mr. Basketball pole used to stand. Thank goodness for USAA and the good people at Ludt’s towing…


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