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I’m a little addicted to thrones

Hello, world. How is your weekend going so far? Mine is starting of in the regular way. Homework while watching/listening to Game of Thrones. That’s right, every weekend since the last season ended I have watched Game of Thrones OnDemand.

See, the thing about this show is that I am not sure whose story I am rooting for. who do I want to win this war, and should I even be cheering for a specific family when “Winter is Coming”. I can’t help to cheer for the Starks because I feel like I would be a Northerner as well. I was on King Robert’s side until that boar ruined everything. Cersei is a conniving bitch whose head should be on a spike. Sansa is supposed to the peaceweaver, and join the North and the South, but she learns how cruel being a Queen can be. Then the most interesting people to follow are Daenerys and Khal Drogo’s marriage, to again join two kingdoms into one so they can take back over the Iron Throne.

I believe the most mysterious part of this is Jon’s story. The Wall is supposed to be a place of boredom and despair, but it has recently become one of the most important defensive barriers against the mythical White Walkers. I am so intrigued by Ghost, Sam, and Jon’s relationship with the Master of the Wall.

I want it to be Sunday, everyday! Winter is Coming. . .


Now that Sunday has passed, and I watched the season premiere, I am super excited for the rest of the season. War is coming and from the flashes to other episodes, I cannot wait to see how the grittiness is depicted.


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