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Pizza Lovers Anonymous

Pizza Lovers Anonymous

I’m a pizza addict. Below are a few recipes to help sustain your pizza addiction. Click on the titles of each pizza to be taken to the recipe on a separate page.

Dad’s Saturday Afternoon Snack

My dad is an important fellow in my life. My first memories are of me riding in the back of a magazine van riding on deliveries with my dad. Shortly after that we moved to my parent’s current house and he began to work at the factory across from it. My elementary school was a few blocks over and every day I would walk to school. At 2:45 I would be released from school and walk down the alley that connected the two blocks and meet him just as he was released at 3:00. We would walk home talking about our days and discussing the local basketball teams. When I started middle school, I no longer was able to meet my dad for those afternoon walks. I began doing after school activities such as volleyball, basketball, and band. Basketball became my life as I joined the school’s team, and then a I made the local AAU team. My dad was at every game, and often times was the guy running the scoreboard. Having such a positive influence in my life made me into the person I am today.

 Most of the cooking in the house was done by my dad, and we share the love for pizza. Ordering was not alway possible because of time or money constraints, so my dad created alternative ways for us to have our favorite food. Whenever I had a bad day or game, my dad would make me these wonderful mini pizzas. When my brother was old enough to eat solid food we introduced him to these biscuit pizzas, and they soon became a Saturday afternoon staple. My dad means the world to me, so this section is dedicated to my dad and our love for pizza.

Bagel Pizza

This recipe is a play on the one above. I am blessed with two hungry males living in my house. My husband, Tom, and my son, Brandon, they can eat a refrigerator full of food in a day. One time visiting my parent’s house my dad made the bagel pizzas for us all. On the six-hour drive home, Tom and Brandon started discussing ways we could make our own biscuit pizzas, but bigger. Once home we tried out different types of biscuits and found there were never enough to feed all three of us.

The next time I was at the store, I had the idea to try bagels. I grabbed a bag of bagels, made by Sparkle’s Bakery, and took them home for our first test run. It was a soggy, burnt mess. Yes, that’s right, I said soggy and burnt at the same time. The next time we tried I got the same kind of bagels, but this time I toasted the bagels first. This made my boys very, very happy. Crispy bottom and brown, bubbly cheese on top, the perfect way to serve a pizza. We have since then tried several different variations, and have perfected our own Saturday afternoon snack. My favorite is kind is topped with extra sauce and shredded pepperoni.

Sausage and Peppers Pizza

This pizza was inspired by a pizza at a local pizzeria. We move around a lot, and being the pizza connoisseur that I am, I like to try all the local pizza places out. Not the chain pizza joints, but the home town family  tradition types. In Logansport, where I am from, there are two types of pizza everyone knows, Jerry’s and Bruno’s. Jerry’s is my favorite because of the thin crust and sauce. My parent’s and husband like Bruno’s. I have found three places in the Youngstown area that are comparable to my own hometown favorites. Fernando’s Wedgewood Pizza, Belleria, and Brier Hill. So far the Austintown Belleria is my favorite in the Youngstown area.

Our family background’s have Italian on both sides. Tom’s father makes sausage and peppers for family events,and for most  Knights of Columbus dinners. Both my mother and father-in-law make their own sauce for pasta, and it has a very similar taste  to the inspiration pizza.I decided after having the inspiration pizza one night to combine the elements of both of Tom’s parents sauce, sausage, and peppers with the inspirations sausage pizza. Not only is this delicious, but it reminds us of the family gatherings, and makes us feel close to home when we can’t always be there.

The best part about this pizza is that the sausage used in it is from a local company. Use local products whenever you can, they usually are the freshest and have a touch of the city in them.



Really? Not only did I break the cartilage in between my ribs by coughing, I also now have thrush. Yes, typically babies get thrush, but Surprise!!!! It’s my turn now. The antibiotics I was taking for my acute bronchitis caused the thrush.Maybe next week I sprain my ankle.  Note to self: Watch where you walk.

***NOTICE: Graphically disgusting pictures in slideshow***

The pictures in the slideshow are from the first day I noticed it. I will add more after I finish the cycle of anti-fungal antibitoics and it has cleared.

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Youngstown issues.

I moved here almost 3 years ago and I am still having issues adjusting to the craziness. Why is it when the sidewalks are perfectly clear and usable do people still walk in the street? I mean, do they want to get hit by a car or are they taunting us all? Another issue I have is why wear your best club apparel when picking up your child from school? Do you want people to think you are a call girl or that you are doing a very late walk of shame?

I am sure there are more and as time passes I will add them to this blog.

Guten Tag!

Welcome to the blog of PMS MRSMOOSE, also known as Mama Moose. My real name is Nikki Ericksen.I am a senior at Youngstown State University in the Professional Writing and Editing Program. Writing and video games are my passions. I am happily married to my husband, aixelsydo2h or Tom. We have a son who is 8 years old and goes by #minimoose. I am starting this blog for a class assignment, but I think it’s about time to start letting the world inside my head. So, many posts will be random craziness with three recipes thrown in. Talk at you later!